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A sanctuary home for chimpanzees and orangutans...

At the Center for Great Apes, chimpanzees and orangutans find a sanctuary that mirrors the climate of their native lands and offers large enriching habitat space with skilled professionals ready and willing to provide a compassionate and caring environment. Today, the Center for Great Apes is home to 52 chimpanzees and orangutans who have been rescued or retired from the entertainment industry, the exotic pet trade, and research facilities. 

Located on over 120 acres in south-central Florida, the sanctuary is working on expanding to rescue and retire future chimpanzee and orangutan residents.

Our Giving Day for Apes donation goal is $40,000. This amount will help us care for all of our chimpanzee and orangutan residents' daily care.

Choose your support!

Donate $10 to purchase a blanket or sheet for chimpanzee Chloe to nest with.

Donate $25 to purchase orangutan Kiki's produce for a week.

Donate $50 to help purchase enrichment devices for orangutan Tango and friends.

Donate $75 to help purchase medical training equipment for heart health and blood pressure readings to be used with chimpanzee Jessie and friends.

Donate $100 to help purchase new habitat furnishings for orangutan Radcliffe and friends.

Donate $250 to help provide quality veterinary care for all great ape residents.

Donate $500 to help purchase a new climbing structure for chimpanzees Bo, Joe, Butch, and Marco.

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