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Over the past year the Center for Great Apes has accepted 10 new residents (4 orangutans and 6 chimpanzees) and 7 additional chimpanzees are scheduled to arrive soon.

Providing lifetime care to over 64 orangutans and chimpanzees (with lifespans of 50-60 years!) is a huge commitment. Average annual care costs for one great ape at the sanctuary is $23,000 and that doesn’t include the added veterinary care for the apes with special needs, health challenges, or special care for those considered elderly.

As an accredited and true sanctuary, we care for the apes as individuals. Our Caregivers take the time to understand the apes’ personalities along with their likes and dislikes which translates into compassionate care.

Our newest orangutan residents - Connie, Sinbad, Hanna, and Pumpkin arrived a year ago and have been settling into their permanent, lifetime home. During this process, our caregivers have learned a lot about them. 

Connie and Sinbad love to spend their days in the aerial trailways napping in the shade over the creek which runs through the property. Connie is also impartial to large tubs whether it’s for taking a bath or building a nest. Sinbad can often be found in one the hammocks located within his habitat or nighthouse.

Hanna loves to wrap herself up in fabric! Especially if the fabric, sheets, or blankets have purple or blue tones to them. Pumpkin can often be found with a sheet covering her head while she lies in front of a fan.

The orangutans are most fond of fruit, especially bananas, pineapple, and watermelon! And special treats of pistachios and dried fruit. They love spending time working on puzzle feeders, especially the 4-cap stack puzzle.


Tammy, Candy, Connor, Kerry, Crystal, and Mikayla arrived at the sanctuary in late July. This group of chimpanzees have settled into their new routines rather quickly. They haven’t been shy about letting their caregivers know what they prefer and what they don’t like.

They are all great eaters! They all enjoy their greens and chow -- but they all hate okra! Tammy’s favorite food is potato and Connor hoots for cabbage. Favorite treats include dried fruit, frozen ice treats, applesauce, and grapes.

Tammy, Candy, Crystal, and Mikayla adore their hammocks. Hay and fleece blankets are the nesting material of choice.

Enrichment favorites include browse feeders, Kong toys, tubs and cups for water play, and Kerry loves a good game of tug-of-war.

Donations will be used to provide daily care to our newest residents as well as continue the lifetime care of the other 54 orangutans and chimpanzees at the sanctuary by providing nourishing food, enrichment puzzles & treats, exemplary veterinary health care, and compassionate care by qualified caregivers.

In addition, gifts will also be allocated towards completing the sanctuary expansion to welcome the “Sunshine Seven” , a group of chimpanzees in California who are in desperate need of a permanent sanctuary home. 

Choose your support!

To purchase dried fruit, nuts, and applesauce enrichments for chimpanzee Candy & friends.

To purchase sheets for orangutan Pumpkin to nest with.
To purchase cabbage and other daily produce for chimpanzee Connor.

To help purchase puzzle feeder enrichment devices for orangutan Sinbad & friends.

To help purchase new hammocks for Mikayla and her chimpanzee friends.

To help purchase new water tubs for orangutan Connie and her friends.

To help provide medications and quality veterinary care for Knuckles and the other great ape residents.

To help fund the expansion of the sanctuary building a nighthouse and outdoor habitats for future residents.

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