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Help make this the best day ever 

for the orangutans and chimpanzees at the Center! 

We understand that these have been challenging times during this Coronavirus pandemic (which has affected everyone throughout the world), but if you are able to give, your support would mean a great deal to our sanctuary resident orangutans and chimpanzees. This year we will be using your donations to continue the lifetime care of the 54 orangutans and chimpanzees at the sanctuary by providing nourishing food, enrichment puzzles & treats, exemplary veterinary health care, and compassionate care by qualified caregivers. 

Donations will also be used to expand the sanctuary with the construction of a new nighthouse and outdoor habitats connected by aerial trailways for a group of chimpanzees in desperate need of a permanent sanctuary home.

Choose your support!

To help purchase a pallet of wood wool and butcher paper for nesting and enrichment.
To purchase a blanket or sheet for chimpanzee Jessie to nest with.
To purchase orangutan Kiki's produce for a week.

To help purchase enrichment devices and treats for chimpanzee Angel and friends.

To help purchase medical equipment for heart health, blood pressure, and voluntary blood draws.

To help purchase new habitat furnishings, tubs, and pools for Orangutan Radcliffe and friends.

To help provide medications and quality veterinary care for Knuckles and the other great ape residents.

To help fund the expansion of the sanctuary building a nighthouse and outdoor habitats for future residents.

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Center For Great Apes

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