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Welcome to Giving Day for Apes 2021!

Last year, your support was the biggest ever as we raised over $13,000 to care for the CCC residents. Thank you!

THIS YEAR the global pandemic is still ongoing in Guinea and is having a terrible impact on our running costs, which have drastically increased. The Guinean borders remain closed, and food prices have gone up by about 30%, and fuel by 10%, having an impact on all levels.

Check out all our amazing activities below:


The sanctuary is currently home to 60 chimpanzees. We also monitor a group of 11 chimpanzees, released in 2008 and 2010 as part of our soft-release program. 

Since last year, 2 baby chimpanzees were rescued and brought to the CCC by the Guinean authorities, Marco and Dali. Marco was a particularly shocking case, arriving with debilitating wounds from a bullet in his jaw. He has had to undergo two surgeries and although he manages to eat, his jaw will never work properly. He is not even 3 years old, and has already suffered too much.

Marco on arrival

Marco a few months later

 Marco, Sewa and Dali, our new baby group

the first half of 2021 was very difficult

2021 was full of sadness with the passing of Coco, Oga and Kirikou. They all had a very special place in our hearts and will live on forever.




and filled with some hope!

In January 2020, five of the nursery group disappeared from their keeper during a bush outing. The CCC is located in the heart of the National Park of Upper Niger, surrounded by forest and savannas where our youngest chimps enjoy daily forest walks to prepare them for life in the wild.

Missy and Sierra came back after a few weeks but despite ongoing searches months later we still had no sign of Hawa, Adi and Ali. Due to their young age, we didn't have much hope but after 14 months living in the forest, a very malnourished and exhausted Ali walked into the sanctuary and into Faya's arms... A miracle!

With Faya the day he came back


A few weeks later, fattening upA few months later



Increased running costs combined with our very isolated position means we have been struggling to maintain the infrastructure, resulting in the devastating mass escape of one of our adult groups that lead to heartbreak; the death of Oga. 

Thanks to your support, a new indoor area has now been built for the late Oga's group, and construction of a new adult enclosure will start this year, meaning we can continue to provide a safe space for our growing chimpanzees. But, the continuous arrival of new orphans means this is an ongoing struggle.


We continue to monitor the released group of 6 adult chimpanzees, and this year celebrated the birth of Annie's baby girl, bringing the number of babies born in the wild to 5! 

3 new trackers have been trained, among them a new local manager. The presence of our permanent team in the area, combined with that of the Park eco guards ensures the protection of the area and all its wildlife.

Annie and her baby


The CCC has been carrying out conservation activities for many years. This year, we  launched a development strategy to better coordinate all of these activities.


The CCC has actively supported anti-poaching activities in collaboration with the authorities of the High Niger National Park for years. 


Since 2016, the CCC has been undertaking camera trap project to monitor the wildlife living in the Park and study the wild chimpanzee population.


Your support means keeping chimpanzees like Marco safe, giving him and the others the best chance of forming their own families one day in the forest. What's more, your support will help us to protect the wild places in Guinea that chimpanzees call home, ensuring their future as a species.

The Chimpanzee Conservation Center is a member of the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA),  is verified by the Global Federation Animal Sanctuary (GFAS)

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