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Cikananga and Wanicare have been invited to participate in Giving Day for Apes 2018 on September 25th- an international 24 hour event dedicated to raising money to assist apes in trouble across the world. In 2017 this event raised more than US$ 400,000! We are now asking for all our supporters to help us give a second chance to the apes that are affected heavily and horribly by the illegal wildlife trade!

With Apes like Orangutans and Gibbons increasingly being illegally traded across Indonesia, Cikananga has emerged on the front line as a force to help these poor animals, and give them a second chance. Giving Day for Apes provides us the first opportunity and the perfect platform to help those affected- #supportapes

For Giving Day for Apes 2018, we have three focus projects! 

1. Finally Flying Femi and Rosi Home to Sumatra! To read about their journey thus far click 'updates' above!

2. Creating a Room with a view (and gym)for Dodo and Noni!To read about our plans for their home click 'updates' above!

3. Increasing capacity for orphaned Gibbons in Java- To read about this massive capacity building program click 'updates' above!

Giving Day for Apes 2018 not only  allow us to receive help directly from supporters, but to spread the stories of our beloved apes and gibbons- highlighting both the struggles and hopes they face in Indonesia. There are bonus prizes available through a social competition tally board and power hours! We need your help to spread our fundraising efforts far and wide! Stay tuned for more details over the next few days on what we hope to raise cash for and how your donations can be stretched further! 

So please share our posts with friends and family! If you can please donate, please follow the link to Mighty Cause! Every little bit counts!

Giving Day for Apes would not be possible without help from The Arcus Foundation, The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and Mighty Cause! Thank you!

Cikananga operates in the frontline of wildlife conservation where we give rescued animals a proper home. Almost all of the 350 animals come from the horrible illegal wildlife trade and we provide the best possible care and release animals back to the wild.  10 years ago the Cikananga Wildlife Center went through a hard time after loosing the only sponsor. We are Indonesia's largest multi-species rescue center- not only dedicated to apes and gibbons, but dedicated to the more than 70 species we currently hold! A challenge for our team!

In 2009 Willemijn Eggen, a Dutch National, decided she had to help the rescue center. She founded Wanicare and step by step rebuild the Center together with the remaining staff. Today the center is home to many different species such as Javan Leopards, Orang Utan, Sun Bears and many birds who receive professional care from the team. Still Cikananga depends on the help donations and any help is welcome to develop the center, provide proper enclosures, care and prepare releases. Do you want to help?

Java is now center of decreased biodiversity, since it is the most densely populated island of Indonesia where human population growth in the last decades has led to high deforestation rates to create space for housing and agriculture. Since 2001, nine Wild Animal Rescue Centres have been established in Indonesia to stimulate and assist law enforcement of illegal wildlife trade, and to facilitate the placement of confiscated animals, as an implementation of CITES, which states that each signatory country has the commitment to establish animal rescue centers. Together with local governments and other NGO we cooperate to find the best possible solutions for rescue effort, releases and medical care. 

The Wanicare Foundation is a Dutch, non-governmental and non-profit organization who supports primaily the Cikananga Wildlife Center hands-on, with operational management and financial funding. After the reorganisation of the center Wanicare started running programs for the protection of habitats and release programs for the (critically) endangered animals such as Silvery gibbons and Javan leopards.

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