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At International Animal Rescue, we do far more than our name suggests — as well as saving animals from suffering, we work to protect their precious habitats. We aim to find practical solutions that benefit both animals and people.

We are dedicated to the welfare and conservation of animals and their environment. Each year, we respond to hundreds of wildlife emergencies. Our work includes:

Rescuing animals that are in dire conditions, injured, orphaned or displaced.

Rehabilitating animals in our care, providing world class veterinary treatment.

• Where possible, releasing animals safely back into their natural environment.

• Providing a refuge for life for animals which cannot be released back into the wild.

 • Resolving the root cause of the problem through practical solutions, such as working with local communities to ensure they cherish and protect their native wildlife and natural habitats.

To find out more about our life-saving work, please visit: 

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