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Despite the covid-19 situation that is still ongoing in Indonesia, we are hoping to be able to translocate 3 pairs of gibbons for habituation this year.

Meet Javan Silvery Gibbon

Javan silvery gibbon is one of our beautiful endemic species. A lesser ape and arboreal primate, consume mostly fruits, leaves, and insects in the rain forests in the island of Java, Indonesia. Just like human do, they build family and each family has their own territory. Seeing them and hear their song in the wild is a gift, it's a way that we knew the forest is still a good place for any wildlife to live in. Unfortunately, their number now is decreasing. Threats to their live and habitat continue as the human population encroaches on the remaining forest. The wildlife trade exacerbates the problem. Isolated habitats made this beautiful creature faces even greater threat of extinction. 

Current Status

According to IUCN Red List, recent studies of three of the four largest remaining populations - Ujung Kulon NP, Halimun-Salak NP and the Dieng Mountains - suggest high probabilities of extinction within a 100-year period if current conditions do not change, or if they worsen (Smith et al. 2018).

Illegal wildlife trade is still one of the biggest threat for the existence of javan gibbon. Mostly baby javan gibbon is taken from the forest by poachers to be sold as pet. Since baby javan gibbon mostly spend early years in their mother's embrace, poachers would have to kill the mother to take away the baby, and the father usually needs to be killed too for protecting his family.

"So for every one baby javan gibbon that made as pet, the forest lost a family of javan gibbon."

Javan Gibbon Center (JGC)

Established in 2003, the Javan Gibbon Centre (JGC) was the result of a collaborative project between the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and the Javan Gibbon Foundation (JGF). The JGC is supported by Conservation International Indonesia, Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, University of Indonesia and Silvery Gibbon Project (SGP). The JGC is situated in an extended area of Bodogol Resort, Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park.

The JGC focuses on:

  • Rescue (the delivery of Javan gibbons into the project either through voluntary donations or through government-led confiscations)
  • Rehabilitation (the process of restoring optimum health and behavior)
  • Captive-breeding (propagation of offspring by genetically healthy individuals)
  • Reintroduction (the process of releasing the gibbons into the wild)
  • Education and awareness (concerning the unique of the Javan gibbon, its threats and its serious need for conservation, mainly in social media or online school visit due to pandemic).
  • Research (non-invasive applied and basic research)

What We’ve Been Doing in JGC

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