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Welcome to Giving Day for Apes 2021! 

We thank all of you, our Pandrillus friends and family, for continuing to support our chimpanzees! 

Drill Ranch in Nigeria was founded in 1991 by Peter Jenkins and Liza Gadsby.  Although the inspiration was to recover drill monkeys – one of Africa’s most endangered primates, Peter and Liza heard the call of orphan chimpanzees: at that time, there was no chimpanzee sanctuary from Gambia to Congo.  So, despite the name, chimpanzees were part of the ranch from Day One!

Pandrillus” was later launched as a Nigerian NGO to serve as an umbrella for Drill Ranch (two locations: Calabar & Afi Mountain), and the Limbe Wildlife Center in Cameroon.  Both projects are located within the Cross-Sanaga Faunal Region, an important biodiversity ‘hot spot’ in Africa with unique primate fauna: it’s the geographic range for drill monkeys (Mandrillus leucophaeus) AND the Nigerian-Cameroon chimpanzee (Pan troglodyte ellioti) – the most endangered of the 4 chimpanzee subspecies.  Peter and Liza felt it imperative that such special animals needed a safe and healthy haven.  So, here we are – 30 years later.  Most of our original chimpanzees are still here with us.

Why donate to Pandrillus?  Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation and a challenging place to conserve wildlife.  The country is facing difficult times with the low price of oil - the country relies on these revenues and everyone is tightening belts since prices crashed in 2015.  We can’t explain this to our chimpanzees and their expectations for a good life are undiminished.  Our hard-working chimpanzee care staff face rising costs to maintain their own families, and we must keep their interests close to our hearts, too.

All our chimpanzees came from tragic backgrounds: each was born in the wild and lived free with their families until being orphaned when their nursing mother was shot and killed for the illegal, commercial, bushmeat trade. They suffered fear, loss, malnourishment, psychological, emotional and/or physical abuse, and often many years of loneliness. Their personal histories are all compelling but not unique as such atrocities continue to play out daily across Africa in the 22 habitat countries where chimpanzees still survive - despite strict laws against hunting, legally protected habitat areas, conservation NGO input, and international treaties against trade.

Chimpanzees can live 50+ years, meaning we’ve made a lifetime commitment to keep them safe and sound.  And this commitment does not come cheap. Ongoing costs include salaries for their keepers, food and the vehicles to carry it, veterinary costs, cleaning materials, maintenance to their enclosures and the solar energy system to support it, and everything else. 

We struggle to find ongoing funding for operational costs: if we can’t find the money, we can’t run the project. We’re committed to fighting the good fight for our chimpanzees!. 

We make every dollar you give count: 

$20 will buy the chimps a day’s fruits & vegetables from village farmers (they benefit, too!)

$40 will buy a 50 kg sack of local groundnuts (peanuts) in the shell for protein and fun.

$100 will pay for a keeper’s salary for 2 weeks.

$500 will pay for key veterinary medicines for the annual chimpanzee health check

$3,000 will refurbish one of our creaking, old Land Rovers

$35,000 will buy the project a desperately-needed, new vehicle. 

As we say at Drill Ranch, no donation is too small, or too large!


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