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October 15 is Giving Day for Apes 2019 and Primarily Primates needs your help making this the best day of the year for the great (in more ways than one!) apes who call us home.  This is a one-day event, and friendly competition, to raise money and awareness for the work we do in protecting and providing lifetime care for primates. Last year, kindhearted supporters helped us raise over $45,000 for our sanctuary residents.

Primarily Primates is hoping for another spectacular Giving Day — which depends on you and the generosity of friends, family, colleagues and supporters around the globe. 

This year’s donations will make possible the construction of a new, very spacious “green space” unlike any before. Three existing habitats will connect to expanded opportunities for enrichment, play and exercise. This new, state-of-the-art green space, will be called “Rudy’s Great Outdoors” in honor of our late chimp Rudy who succumbed to cancer in 2017. Known as the godfather of chimps at Primarily Primates, he was the first to arrive in 1983 after years of being exhibited in a small cage as a circus sideshow attraction.

The new space, something we’ve wanted to build for years, will be right next to our Primadome, PPI’s very first chimpanzee-centric enrichment enclosure that opened in March 2014.  Since then we have created a new design ideally suited to the available space. We’ll begin the project by removing some very old structures – like our orangutan habitat. 

The green space will benefit a special group of ape residents: Thomas, 20, and Sudio, 23, who came from research labs to PPI in 1998 and 1996; plus Baxter, now 20 years old, who was forced to perform on a German TV show; and Bubba, who turned 30 last March, was born in a zoo and leased to the entertainment industry, and later sent to a lab before coming to PPI in 2004. 

Please give generously to this project. We cannot do it without you. Please share this fundraiser far and wide. And thank you so much in advance.


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