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Save the Chimps, the largest privately-funded chimpanzee sanctuary in the world, provides a peaceful and dignified retirement to nearly 240 chimpanzees retired from biomedical research, entertainment, and the pet trade.

Before their retirement to Save the Chimps, many of our residents did not have the companionship, space, and enrichment they need to thrive.  Today, the chimps live in large family groups on three-acre islands where they can live in companionship and can express natural chimpanzee behaviors. 

The islands give the chimps choices they never had. They can now feel the warm sun on their backs and the grass beneath their feet. They can roam their islands, climb structures and trees, visit with friends, or curl up in the shade with a warm blanket. These chimpanzees are getting a second chance at life. They are learning how to play, love, laugh, and groom - all natural for chimpanzees.

Goal: $60,000 – To put towards building new platform structures on Seve's island!

You may find yourself asking, “why platform structures?” Vertical space is essential for chimpanzees. The presence of three-dimensional climbing structures in the living environment of captive chimpanzees can emulate the lifestyle that they would experience in the wild.

New platform structures at Save the Chimps can help to enrich the lives of the chimpanzees in our care, providing them with shade from the sun’s rays when desired, places to climb, and the opportunity to enjoy each other and new experiences. With your help, the sanctuary can give more resident chimps access to such an incredible space!

On behalf of the more than 200 chimpanzees in our care, thank you for your compassion and generosity. 

This time we have something for you!

  • Donate $50 or more and receive a face mask featuring Allie!

  • Donate $60 or more and receive a face mask featuring Allie and a 2021 calendar!

  • Donate $350 or more and receive all of the above prizes plus a symbolic adoption of Seve which supports his care and includes a bio, photo, and certificate.

  • Donate $500 or more and receive all of the above plus a copy of the book Opening Doors.

    All gifts are limited while supplies last. To claim your gift(s) simply forward your Giving Day receipt to

Mission:  To provide sanctuary and exemplary care to chimpanzees in need

Save the Chimps 150-acre sanctuary in Fort Pierce, FL


  • Save the Chimps has provided sanctuary to 334 chimpanzees since 2001.



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